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Meet the Moshling: Fluttercup the Moshling Unicorn

2 March 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan < 1 min

Meet Fluttercup – A mysterious Moshling Unicorn who runs her legendary School for Unicorns way beyond the rainbow. As well as studying ballet and learning how to be brave, her unicorn students are also taught how to truly relax.

Fill your days and nights with magic and unicorns by checking out these Moshi tracks featuring everyone’s favorite unicorn.

Breathing with Fluttercup

A quick 60-second exercise that teaches kids the basics of deep breathing, helping them to calm down during anxious moments, or to simply relax and improve focus.

Unicorn Sleep Meditation with Fluttercup

Relax with Fluttercup and her unicorn friends in this enchanting meditation that is so soothing it’s perfect at bedtime. Sweet dreams are made of unicorn magic.

Fluttercup’s School for Unicorns

Everybody wants to be a unicorn sometime, so join Gigi in this most magical Moshi Story, as she travels to a sleepy place beyond imagination alongside a legendary unicorn, Fluttercup.

The Moshi Unicorn Series

Discover an enchanted world of unicorns in this three-part adventure that takes you on a sleepy journey beyond the rainbow, alongside Fluttercup and her dreamy unicorn friends. 

Fluttercup’s Long Lost Magic Harp

Journey back in time in this story of a very determined unicorn’s quest to find a sleepy magical harp. A Moshi legend that’s set to become a bedtime classic.

Alyssa Morgan