Meet the Moshling – Nodkins the Bedtime Bunny

Meet the Moshling – Nodkins the Bedtime Bunny

30 April 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan < 1 min

Meet Nodkins – Unlike other Bedtime Bunnies, Nodkins can see into other Moshlings’ dreams and hop in them at will. It’s known as ‘dream hopping’. She simply closes her eyes, whispers the Moshling’s name whose dream she’d like to enter and presto! This super snuggly bunny can even shape the dreams she joins into whatever she wants them to be.

Nodkins and her good friend SleepyPaws are alike in that they both know how to help even the trickiest of sleepers get a great night’s sleep. Sleep is vital to children’s focus levels and academic performance, which is why it’s so important to ensure they get enough sleep.

Want to discover Nodkins’ magical world in Moshi? Check out these soothing tracks:

For little listeners:

Sleep Now, Nodkins

Inspired by a Bedtime Bunny, this simple but enchanting lullaby is almost as comforting as a snuggly hug. Perfect for your own sleepy bunnies. 

Searching for Sleepies: Pt 4. Nodkins

Explore a Bedtime Bunny’s burrow and discover the special gift the Sleepies are making for Buster in this, the final part of our four ‘sleepisode’ journey.

Nodkins Goes Dream Hopping

A very sleepy story all about a Bedtime Bunny who can hop into other Moshlings’ dreams.

Nodkins’ Naptime Dream

Drift away, night or day, with this wonderfully surreal story that tells of a Bedtime Bunny’s fantastical naptime dream. Perfect for naptime, bedtime or anytime. 

For older listeners:

Nodkins’ and Purdy’s Pampering Salon

Visit the sleepiest pampering salon ever, in this special bonus story that explains how a purring kitty and a cute bunny ended up snipping Moshling fur. 

Nodkins’ Soothing Sleepytime Meditation

Drift off like a Bedtime Bunny with this ultra sleepy session that features deep breathing, body scanning, slow counting and a magical journey through a Moshi rabbit hole.

Alyssa Morgan