Meet the Moshling – Pip the Savvy Sapling

Meet the Moshling – Pip the Savvy Sapling

8 March 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan < 1 min

Meet Pip – Savvy by name, savvy by nature, Saplings like Pip know everything there is to know about nature. When this titchy woodland Moshling is not studying soil samples, leaping into piles of leaves, and collecting berries in his little acorn hat, he enjoys playing golf with twiggy clubs and mini gooberry balls. 

Pip’s Enchanted Stroll in Snufflepeep Forest

Kids can join Pip on a Moshiphonic Sleep Journey. This mesmerizing story features the incredibly detailed, strangely soothing sound of footsteps on a forest floor, recorded via miraculous HD microphones. And if that alone doesn’t send kids to boboland, the accompanying tale of a cute Savvy Sapling’s moonlit walk through a magical Moshi forest almost certainly will. 

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Alyssa Morgan