Moshi Bedtime Stories for Kids Who Love the Beach

Moshi Bedtime Stories for Kids Who Love the Beach

16 July 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan 2 mins

Have kids who love spending time at the beach? Going on a family vacation soon to a beach town and want to get your kids excited before you leave? The Moshi app is full of dreamy bedtime stories featuring magical characters, soothing narration and tropical locations. 

Here are just a few of our favorite Moshi beach bedtime stories to help lull your kids to sleep:

YoYo’s Sunset Chill Out Lounge

Chill out and relax in the Moshi world’s coolest beachside lounge, as we tell you all about YoYo’s ultra-chic sunset soirées and his lo-fi ambient beats. Mellow and very Moshified.

CocoLoco’s Tiki Teddy Tale

A most excellent adventure that sees a nutty, surf-loving Moshling searching for his teddy in a lush land of sleepy volcanoes and torchlit beaches.

Ping’s Lush Lagoon Litter Pickup

Naughty Glumps have been throwing litter in Potion Ocean, so Ping and her friends decide to clean up their beloved beach until it looks amazing.

SleepyPaws’ Pebbly Beach Walk

Drift off to the calming sound of lapping waves and paws on pebbles, with this super sleepy story of a Snoozy Koala’s moonlit stroll along his favorite beach.

Ping’s Beach Hammock Chill Time

Relax as we tell you all about Ping the Panda’s lazy afternoon as she sways to and fro in her cozy beach hammock while playing her guitar. A super sleepy, totally tropical Moshi treat.

The Treasure Tour

Find out what’s inside the treasure chest that SleepyPaws and his pals finally discover buried beneath the beaches of the Sandy Drain Hotel. 

Moshi Music and Sounds inspired by the beach:

Moshi Music and Sounds are a great way to create a calming environment for any kind of activity. Whether it’s bedtime, quiet time, or relaxing on the beach watching the waves – these are the perfect pairing.

Moshi Sounds:

Moshi Pebbly Beach Walk

The soothing, sleepy sound of soft koala paws on wave-swept Moshi pebbles.

Below Bubblefish Bay

In the tropical, crystal clear waters of Bubblefish Bay, Batty Bubblefish swim in and out of kaleidoscopic coral reefs, and it sounds just like this.

Seagulls on the Seashore

Whenever Captain Buck’s boat pulls into a Moshi port, seagulls swoop in from above to say hello. It’s one of the most peaceful sounds in the Moshiverse!

Moshi Music:

Ping’s Paddleboarding Prelude
Uncle Scallops’ Mellow Music
Octo’s Oceanic Overture
Stanley and Ophelia’s Overture
Alyssa Morgan