Summer Schedule for Kids

Summer Schedule for Kids

11 June 2022 • Words by Nanette Botha 3 mins

Thinking about the summer vacation could cause some mixed emotions. For many children, it is something they look forward to in great anticipation. They dream about staying up late, not going to school, and just having fun all day. As parents, we might be wondering how we will manage work, kids being at home, and somehow living up to the expectations of the summer being filled with outings, playdates, and entertainment.

While summertime can certainly include some of these fun activities, things could easily turn into chaos if we start running from one excitement to the next. Kromydas et al. (2022) found that summer holidays may even have a negative impact on children’s mental health. It is therefore essential to have strategies in place to ensure that the wheels don’t come off after the first couple of days.

Most children thrive when they have a routine to stick to—not only because it provides them with needed boundaries, but also because it helps them know what to expect. Scheduled might be something our kids kick against at first when school is out and summer begins, but they still provide an important form of safety and security, regardless of our children’s ages.

However, having a routine in place during the summer holidays doesn’t necessarily mean doing the same things every day. It also doesn’t mean that you have to stick to certain times for doing things; it merely provides some structure to the day.

Here are some tips for setting up a summer schedule that would be easy for kids to stick to:

Set up a weekly schedule with your children

Sit together and make a list of activities that the children would like to do during the week. Then draw up a schedule together and decide which activity will be done on which day. By having the schedule for the week up on the fridge (or somewhere accessible), the kids can refer to it if they want to know what is happening during the week.

Bring in a routine for each day

Another reality during the summer holidays is that days can be really long, especially if you have younger children! Your routine can stay the same and should also be followed consistently to make it easier for yourself and your children. The daily routine does not have to be elaborate. It can include things such as starting every day with breakfast, brushing teeth, doing morning meditation with Moshi, and then going to play outside. The rest of the morning could be free play followed by lunch and an activity that you can do together.

Build-in time for rest

After some more play activities or an outing in the afternoon, put on a restful story or a song from Moshi to help the children unwind before it’s time to have dinner, bathe, and get ready for bed. Have a look at the free music, stories, and meditations on the Moshi app, and ensure that you schedule some time for these during the day. They will support your child in staying regulated and feeling calm and organized.

Keep a consistent bedtime routine

Keep bedtime and the nighttime routine the same as much as possible. Due to it being light out later, kids may need more time to unwind in their beds before falling asleep. This is where books come in handy, followed by a Moshi Story. Not only is this what they need after a busy day, but they may actually start looking forward to bedtime. Check out some of our favorite summertime bedtime stories, tonight!

Kromydas, T., Campbell, M., Chambers, S., Boon, M. H., Pearce, A., Wells, V., & Craig, P. (2022). The effect of school summer holidays on inequalities in children and young people’s mental health and cognitive ability in the UK using data from the millennium cohort study. BMC Public Health, 22(1), 154.

Nanette Botha

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