Moshi Play is Here! 4

Moshi Play is Here!

12 January 2023 • Words by Allison Henry 5 mins

Moshi Play is an opportunity for kids to have fun with our most beloved Moshi characters. If you don’t know them yet, you will soon! We’ve taken some of the most quintessential kids’ games—coloring, memory, matching, and puzzles—and turned them into enriching experiences through the use of characters, colors, sounds, animation, and music. These activities are just right for early learners as they engage the senses, are achievable and deliver cues to help even the littlest hands succeed. Every activity ends in a celebration, guaranteed to delight kids. 

“Moshi Play is built on our commitment to established child development research and feedback collected from play studies with real Moshi families. We are excited to engage children during the day, allowing them to play independently, build concentration, practice problem-solving and deepen their relationship with our characters. Where most digital content promotes inattentive or mentally remote behavior, Moshi Play is a positive digital solution that will immerse your child in a dynamic play environment that supports cognitive development.”

Christianne Amodio, Moshi CEO and mom of two

Exploring the Games

Here at Moshi, we believe that learning through healthy entertainment is key. Moshi already delivers on this through whimsical and relaxing storytelling that helps kids with regulation and sleep. Another part of healthy entertainment is participatory games. This includes play that is related to their development, is fun, and involves making and acting on decisions. Let’s take a closer look at the games your kids will play! 

What could make a fun activity like coloring even more fun? Coloring in your favorite Moshling, of course! Get creative with characters like Cali the Mermaid, Fluttercup the Unicorn, and Sleepypaws the Koala. Kids will love the chime noises when a color is tapped and the sound burst they hear when they color in a space. Coloring pages bring kids up close and personal with characters, from Fuzuki’s origami to planets in the Moshi Swooniverse to Ping’s paddleboards. There are endless possibilities of how to color each character and bring their stories to life.  

Little kids learn to match in the course of their ordinary life—socks and mittens, lids on containers, two leaves that look the same. It’s a natural part of how they learn to make sense of the world around them. And in the out-of-the-ordinary Moshi world, kids will learn to recognize patterns and find similarities and differences among objects that are unique, like Ping’s flowers, Glugg’s seaweed, Captain Squirk’s planets, and Sleepypaws’ teddy bears.

Where did you put your truck? Which room is your doll in? If these questions sound familiar, you are the parent of a young child who is working on remembering the placement of objects. The game of memory is a fun and challenging way for kids to work on visualizing and remembering where they see things and finding the match. And there’s so much to find in the Moshi world. Sleepypaws’ memory game has kids finding their favorite sleepover friends. Or, kids can play memory with Cali to find all of her underwater friends. Behind colorful cards, kids will find a whole world waiting for them. If it’s too challenging, no worries. Small clues will help kids find a match. Soon they will use their power of observation and their sharpened memory to find all of the matches, and all of their lost toys, as well! 

One of the things that kids love most about Moshi is the art. Each Moshi Story has a detailed and brilliantly colorful piece of art that pulls you into the world where the story takes place. Get a glimpse of the Moshi Swooniverse, join Fluttercup’s quest to find a magical harp, or sit behind General Fukuki’s desk with magical origami floating around. We’ve turned these images into puzzles, allowing kids to fill in the pieces to reveal the images. Some are traditional puzzle pieces and others are fun shapes. When the puzzle is complete, they have a beautiful piece of the Moshi world to look at. 

Who doesn’t love a good game of hide and seek? We’ve taken this timeless classic and turned it into an interactive digital experience that kids are sure to love. With vibrant images featuring all of your favorite Moshi characters, kids can explore each scene using a magnifying glass to find the next character on their list.

What Will Kids Learn from Moshi Play?

Fun through play and entertainment is priority number one! We know that having fun is a need we all have and for kids, if learning is fun, they will do it more. We’ve intentionally built games that are highly relevant to early learners and are within their zone of proximal development, which means they provide just enough challenge while not being frustrating. As a parent, you can trust that every game is appropriate for young children. They can self-select games based on what they are most interested in, and start and stop a game at any time.

“[We liked] the bright playful colors and adorable little characters”

“[My daughter] said she liked the Moshi games the best because of the “magical sounds”.

“[My son] especially liked the memory games. He liked that you could see a bear ear popping out and that if he left it the Moshlings popped out.

The games in Moshi Play help kids learn and practice some important cognitive skills. All games promote problem-solving, visual recognition, focus and concentration, and fine motor skills. Each type of game engages kids in the following ways:

We’ve created a Meet the Moshling Guide so you can learn more about Moshi Play, the characters your kids will meet, and how Moshi can provide healthy entertainment for your kids every day.


Allison Henry