Mother’s Day Breakfast Ideas

Mother’s Day Breakfast Ideas

5 May 2022 • Words by Alexandra Amodio 3 mins

It’s that time of year again! Mother’s Day is around the corner. While it’s fair to guess a large majority of moms out there really want a day completely to themselves—neither filled with flowers, nor candy, nor breakfast boards in bed, rather, plain old uninterrupted time at home—we recognize there’s an even bigger majority of well-intentioned partners planning to go the breakfast-in-bed route. So, if you’re one of them, look no further. We have all the most luxe ways to treat her this Mother’s Day.

We could just link to this NYT Cooking article, ‘Ideas for Mother’s Day Breakfast & Brunch,’ but that leaves a lot to be desired for all those hoping to pull off a perfect breakfast-in-bed on her special morning. Although, if you’re looking for great recipes you can cook with your kids, this editors’ collection really is fantastic.

Otherwise, onto the next best thing: the snack board—or, in this case, the breakfast board, aka the casual yet chic cousin to the sometimes-stuffy cheese board. We LOVE snack boards because not only are they far simpler to put together than one would think based on how elegant they look, but they can act as appetizers, desserts, or even entire meals for the whole family. Plus, they make beautifully entertaining displays that offer a variety of tastes, textures, colors and even culinary experiences at once. So, this Mother’s Day, we recommend you grab your nicest platter and get to Mother’s Day breakfast-boarding.

Mother’s Day Breakfast Board Ideas: Do’s & Don’ts

So, how to put the board together and have it look like this?


Slice cheese, fruit, meats or anything else. Gather the serving bowls you’ll need for any fruits, jams or spreads.


Start with your biggest items. For example, layout the waffles, mini croissants, strawberries, etc. first. You can opt to lay them out diagonally across the board to give it some symmetry, or you can place the bigger items in small piles spread across 2-3 different areas randomly.

Fill and pile

Fill in the spaces starting from the edge of the board. You can create both lines and piles using different cheeses, fruits, crackers, etc., or you can fill by outlining or circling the biggest items you’ve already laid out. Don’t forget to leave space for any bowls or ramekins.


Once the main ingredients are laid out, fill in gaps and spaces so you have a variety of bright colors wherever you look. Put blackberries or strawberries at random throughout for an eye-catching touch.


Whether edible flowers, fresh herbs, clementines with leaves, or anything else, save this for last and choose two key spots to garnish at random.

We hope you love these easy breakfast ideas for Mother’s Day, and we wish the happiest Mother’s Day to all our Moshi moms out there!

Alexandra Amodio