Saturday Snack Ideas for Families

Saturday Snack Ideas for Families

12 March 2022 • Words by Allison Henry < 1 min

As parents, it feels like all of Saturday is spent preparing food, cleaning up, and doing dishes in a cycle that never ends.

  1. Wake-up
  2. First breakfast
  3. Second breakfast
  4. Morning snack
  5. Lunch
  6. First afternoon snack
  7. Second afternoon snack
  8. Before dinner snack
  9. Dinner
  10. The “I’m still hungry before bed” snack

Luckily my kids are old enough now that we are gaining some traction with independence around making snacks. But, one strategy really changed our whole weekend: Snack Boards. 

Snacks boards can be literally anything. The kids love to plan for and make them and they require very little clean-up. Kids also learn how to be independent and if you have multiples, this is a great way to strengthen relationships amongst siblings. Planning and executing on a goal and project teaches so many great skills, making snack boards is healthy for the brain and body!

Here’s how to get started with your weekend snack boards: 

What you need: 

Our favorite snack boards typically include: 

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Allison Henry