Sound Enrichment Experiences Are for Grown-Ups Too!

Sound Enrichment Experiences are for Grown-Ups, Too!

4 May 2022 • Words by Nicole Donne 2 mins

Moshi’s new release this week is Gilbert’s Tin Roof Rain Storm.  Kids can explore a soothing story whilst also enjoying the benefits of biophilic audio tracks of a rain storm in the background. Did you know that Moshi Sounds can be just as beneficial for adults? Maybe we don’t feel like a sleep story, but we can enjoy all the health benefits of listening to the layers of sound in Moshi tracks to generate relaxation and promote overall health and wellbeing.

Numerous studies have shown listening to sounds from the natural world can reduce stress and promote wellbeing, focus, motivation and recovery. 

Atmospheric sounds have demonstrated a positive impact on easing pain in people recovering from surgery or injury. It’s even been shown to reduce agitation in people suffering from dementia. Auditory enrichment also helps practice mindfulness, bringing you to focus on, and maintain a sensory connection with the present moment.

Stress Recovery Theory suggests that our natural balance shifts when exposed to natural sounds, reducing sympathetic (fight or flight) patterns. By shifting our bodies towards parasympathetic (rest and digest) rhythms, we reduce anxiety, stress levels and can even lower blood pressure. Natural sounds prompt external-focussed attention, freeing us from ruminative thought cycles and promoting restful sleep. When practiced at different times of the day, there can still be a positive impact at night time. And regular practice supports ongoing sleep improvements. 

Many Moshi soundscapes have beautiful layers of natural sound embedded into the track.   

Calming Moshi Campfire is a high-resolution recording of a real campfire, full of actual fireside crackles and hisses. Moshi Pebbly Beach Walk is also a genuine, natural sound of the pebbles recorded at Brighton Beach in England. Luna’s Soothing Symphony contains samples of an actual jungle.

“In forty years of medical practice, I have found two types of non-pharmaceutical therapy to be vitally important… music and gardens.”

Oliver Sacks

Why not enjoy both? Pop on some headphones and head outdoors to fully immerse in the magical world of Moshi and rake in the benefits of listening to sounds.

Nicole Donne