The Value of Sound Healing and Meditation

The Value of Sound Healing and Meditation

19 April 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan 2 mins

Special thanks to Lisa Price, Head of User Experience at Moshi Kids, for her incredible knowledge of sound healing and meditation.

What exactly is sound healing?

Sound baths are a tool for both healing and meditating, supporting deep mental and physical relaxation. This deeper sense allows your body to heal and restore by slowing down your brain waves.

Brain activity is measured by frequency wave cycles per second, or hertz (Hz), and they range from very slow to very fast. Studying sleep is called polysomnography, which uses various devices to record brain waves with an electroencephalographic (EEG) device.  A short guide to brain waves:

Delta (<3.5Hz) occurs in deep sleep and the dominant rhythm in infants 

Theta (4Hz – 8Hz) is closely connected to the brain concentrating on creative thinking, and intuition and storing memories, emotions and sensations.

Alpha (8Hz -12Hz) promotes mental resourcefulness and mental coordination and enhances the overall sense of relaxation.

Beta (12Hz – 30Hz) is the dominant rhythm for alertness and wakefulness – when we are listening and thinking during analytical problem solving, judgment, decision making and generally processing information about the world around us.

Gamma (> 30Hz) Supercharged thinking, integrating various concepts and high-level information processing.

“Everything in life is vibration”

Albert Einstein

Gongs can vibrate at the same frequencies as the human body, which has a natural frequency of 5Hz – 10Hz and can support ‘resonance alignment’ enabling the body in the best state to heal itself. As we are made up of up to 80% water, our bodies are amazing conductors of sound.

What are the benefits of sound healing and meditation? 

Relaxation, relaxation, relaxation! Sound therapy can be therapeutically beneficial for Autism Spectrum, ADHD, Anxiety and overall emotional development. It’s also great for adults who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, high blood pressure, and stress-related illnesses – like thyroid disorders and high cholesterol.

What is used in sound healing?

Some popular sound healing instruments are:

Tips for newcomers:

Get cozy! Light candles, burn incense and spray the room with an essential oil like lavender or rose. Sit comfortably in a chair or crossed legs on the floor, keep your eyes closed and try to focus on your breath. Ensure no interruptions, and just listen. Visualize the sound waves washing over you – become the sound!

Drink plenty of water afterward, too. Relaxing your body and mind this way before bed will set you up for a very restful sleep.

Moshi has several great tracks to listen to during these types of meditations, including Windchimes of Wingledeed Woods, Oobla Doobla Drums and Moshi Pebbly Beach Walk.

Sound Healing is suitable for most people, however, please note to ensure to speak to a medical professional for those with epilepsy, sensory sensitivity, internal medical devices or other potentially conflicting medical conditions.

Alyssa Morgan