Spring has Sprung – The Moshi Springtime Series

Spring has Sprung – The Moshi Springtime Series

29 March 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan < 1 min

Springtime is in the air here in the world of Moshi! Enjoy the great outdoors and explore musical forests, magical hedges and meadows filled with magical birdsong in this Moshi Series. 

Wuzzle’s Musical Flower Walk

Take a peaceful springtime walk through Tinkletree Valley in the world of Moshi alongside Wuzzle and discover a tinkling, chiming, jingling world of musical plants, trees and flowers.

Wuzzle has been roaming the world of Moshi, imparting wisdom while searching for somewhere to settle. Wuzzle never seems to find quite what he’s seeking. The magical heart-shaped charm he carries atop his Staff of Knowledge guides him to some wonderful places, though.

Blossom’s Magic Hedge

Hear how a little Moshling called Blossom keeps the hedges of Petal Park looking beautiful as she creates wonderful Moshling hedge sculptures.  

Blossom is Blooming Wonder which looks like a cute flower pot with little arms and legs. She always has a few colorful flowers growing out of her head, which she loves to give to friends and family. But don’t worry, these magical blooms grow back immediately. It’s Moshi magic! 

Chirpy’s Springtime Singsong

Tweet dreams await in this springtime Moshi Story of a little chaffinch’s day on Franzipan Farm alongside his sparrow, woodpecker, ducky and toucan friends. 

Knock knock! Who’s there? it’s Chirpy the Chipper Chaffinch. Although he loves singing, this impossibly cute Moshling is always pecking away at trees. He tip-taps messages to his friends, including SleepyPaws, in Mosh Code!

Alyssa Morgan