Meet the Moshling – SleepyPaws the Snoozy Koala

Meet the Moshling – SleepyPaws the Snoozy Koala

19 March 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan 2 mins

Meet SleepyPaws – a snoozy and cuddly koala who can only seem to get to sleep if he goes wandering across the dreamy world of Moshi. Thankfully, this cute koala always drifts off in the end but can never quite work out if his moonlit meanderings are real or figments of his surreal, eucalyptus-fueled imagination. Sleepypaws is known by all his moshling friends as a maestro when it comes to sleepy advice.

Learn more about SleepyPaws and his snooze-filled adventures by checking out his Moshi tracks below:

Breathing with SleepyPaws

A quick 60-second exercise that teaches kids the basics of deep breathing, helping them to calm down during anxious moments, or to simply relax and improve focus.

Searching for Sleepies: Pt 1. SleepyPaws

Join Buster Bumblechops as he searches for SleepyPaws in the first part of this four ‘sleepisode’ journey. 

7 Days of Snoozing with SleepyPaws

Everyone’s favorite Snoozy Koala gives a sneak peek into his sleep journal in this magical musical mystery tour of the Twilight world of Moshi. 

SleepyPaws’ Pebbly Beach Walk

Drift off to the calming sound of lapping waves and paws on pebbles, with this super sleepy story of a Snoozy Koala’s moonlit stroll along his favorite beach.

Princess Mae & SleepyPaws’ Tapestry of Sleep

This dreamy fairytale tells of a tired Princess’s moonlit journey to meet SleepyPaws, a cute koala whose book of sleepy tips inspires the creation of a tell-tale tapestry. 

SleepyPaws’ Twilight Lullaby

A very mellow lullaby version of Moshi’s most popular story, this gentle ditty is perfect for your sleepy little koalas.

Magical Moshlight Body Scan

Hear how SleepyPaws calms both mind and body, anytime, in this magical meditation that imagines a ball of light radiating relaxing vibes into your whole body, from head to toe. 

Close Your Eyes SleepyPaws

Join a very tired koala on a melodic moonlit journey across the dreamy world of Moshi. 

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Alyssa Morgan