Sunday Scaries – How to Have a Better Start to the Week

Sunday Scaries – How to Have a Better Start to the Week

13 March 2022 • Words by Gigi Clark 2 mins

It’s a familiar feeling on Sunday afternoons – many of us feel a sense of anxiety, pressure, and dread creeping in as we mentally prepare for the week ahead. ‘Sunday Scaries’ describes a common feeling of anxiety about the coming week. Our thoughts focus on the upcoming work and day-to-day responsibilities, distracting us from noticing when our children experience their OWN version of ‘Sunday Scaries’.

Especially if your child has an active imagination, it only takes a single worry around homework or a classmate they don’t get along with, to turn Sunday into a sleepless night. When your child is anxious, they may start to overthink and speak more quickly to explore their thoughts. In contrast, they may also become overwhelmed and prefer to withdraw, becoming quiet or distant. Here are a few ways to help them work through it.

Ways to Combat the Sunday Scaries in Children

Try These Moshi Tracks to Help Ease Anxiety and Negative Self-Talk:

Roswell’s Cosmically Calming Vacuum Cleaner

Cosmic, calming, and whoosh-tastically charming, this relaxing tale tells of a little Zoshling and the soothing sound made by his interplanetary vacuum cleaner. Sure to whoosh worries away.

Ease Worries with Wallop

Let Wallop the Jolly Tubthumper help ease anxiety in this calming, drum-driven Moshi Moment featuring deep breathing, body focus, mindful visualization, and more.

Calming Counting with Cosmo

Take a moment to calm down as you count along with Cosmo, in this soothing session that is designed to help regulate breathing and ease anxiety.

Dreamy Moshi Anxiety Relief

A Moshi Music track created specifically to help calm the mind and body in no time.

Gigi Clark