The Benefits of Daily Affirmations on Positivity

The Benefits of Daily Affirmations on Positivity

17 February 2022 • Words by Nicole Donne 2 mins

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? Perhaps a desire to stay under the covers for just five more minutes? Or maybe a tiny inkling of dread thinking about the upcoming commute and challenging morning routine? And sometimes, on a bad day when we can’t find a lot of energy – worrying about how we are going to cope with the various demands of us as employees, parents, friends, and partners. 

Imagine instead waking up to positivity, harmony, and a gentle start to your day.

Positive affirmations are a wonderful way to begin; a small but impactful daily commitment to wellness.   Encourage confidence, positivity, and a boost of self-esteem every day to keep motivated. Slowly but surely, you’ll see that taking a small step to ensure a positive outlook for the day ahead really can make a huge difference. Various studies have shown a significant improvement in the moods of people suffering from chronic stress.

Make a small list, less than five notes in your journal, diary, post-it note or whatever works for you. Try to remember to visit them at least twice a day – stick them on your mirror – or in your car – somewhere you know you’ll see them and be reminded effortlessly. Edit them anytime you think of something new, or perhaps when a different affirmation would be more beneficial for that day.

See if you can try and write them out a few times while saying them aloud every day for a week. This is a great starting point and a clear goal to be proud you reach. And if you only manage to do it twice in that week – aim for three times next week. There is no wrong way to practice daily. Always celebrate the small wins. 

Now imagine how these little daily doses of self-love and positivity could impact children. Helping our kids wake up on the right side of the bed through activities like positive affirmations can actually reduce levels of stress – and yes, kids also experience stress. As our little ones learn behaviors and continue developing at a rapid pace, positive affirmations can be a very effective way to nurture wellbeing and foster confidence. 

Little Feel Good with Peeps is all about mood-boosting self-affirmations because this enchanting audio exercise is filled with Little Feel Goods, positive statements that kids can repeat as they listen. Perfect for bolstering confidence in challenging situations, this is a Moshi Moment that kids can return to again and again. 

Nicole Donne