The Benefits of Deep Breathing

The Benefits of Deep Breathing

21 December 2021 • Words by Allison Henry < 1 min

Deep breathing has many benefits, including the reduction of stress and anxiety. It is part of our relaxation response that helps to regulate us and keeps us healthy. One of Moshi’s main objectives is to help kids (and adults!) remain relaxed and regulated so that they can achieve their full potential in academics and socializing with friends. 

Plinky’s Peaceful Breathing gives kids 5 minutes of relaxation response practice using breathing techniques.

A few tips to consider when teaching deep breathing to kids: 

This activity includes a conversation guide that can be adjusted based on the grade you teach and how much time you have. Use them for a whole class discussion or partner chats. The activity ties in nicely to ELA standards and can be completed in the classroom or the home to reinforce the learning. 

Download our Deep Breathing Conversation Guide.

Take a deeper dive into this topic by using the Plinky Lesson Plan with your students.

Allison Henry