The Benefits of Growing Up with a Family Dog

The Benefits of Growing Up with a Family Dog

23 March 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan 2 mins

Being raised alongside a family dog means having a best friend full of unconditional love, as well as several other benefits you might have never considered before. 

Dogs offer constant companionship through all aspects of childhood. They are a source of comfort during times of stress and somewhere non-judgemental to turn to when hugs are needed. Many dogs require frequent walks and plenty of playtimes, which means they promote a more active lifestyle for your family. Giving your little one the responsibility to make sure that the family dog has food and water teaches them accountability and obligation.

How to Find the Right Dog for Your Family

When considering adding a dog or puppy to your family, it’s extremely important to find the right fit. If you’re considering adding a dog to your family, make sure you do your research. Always purchase from a reputable breeder.  

The American Kennel Club has a brilliant dog breed selection tool that helps you find the perfect fit for your family. The process is based on your home environment, overall lifestyle, and what kind of character your family needs in a dog. Puppies can be hard work! Many families love to have a puppy to raise, however, this often means 24-hour care for a number of weeks or months until the dog is fully trained. If you need support with training your puppy, Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy is an amazing book from Steve Mann, the Founder of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. 

A great way to introduce a canine friend to your household is to foster a dog. Following the pandemic, there are tons of wonderful dogs waiting in shelters and rescue centers, hoping for their forever family to walk in and choose them. For adopted dogs, Rescue Dogs 101 is a source of a wide range of resources to support the adventure!

All dogs deserve a loving family. It’s important to consider if you are willing to take on potential challenges with temperament, grooming needs and health problems. Rescue dogs can be just as wonderful. They often just need to find the safety and reassurance of consistent home life. Crossbreed dogs are well-considered to balance the personality traits, physical characteristics of several dog breeds. This results in a unique dog, often with healthier immune systems.

McNulty’s Doggy Dream

For those who really love dogs, Moshi has just released their hit bedtime story McNulty’s Doggy Dream on YouTube. 

Ever wondered what doggies dream about? Wonder no more because this pawsomely sleepy story sees us joining a cute Moshling pup in a truly wagnificent dream. Woof!

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Alyssa Morgan