The Many Benefits of Morning and Evening Routines

The Many Benefits of Morning and Evening Routines

22 April 2022 • Words by Nicole Donne 2 mins

Morning and evening routines and rituals are a way to calm the mind in preparation for changes in intentions. Boosting healthy habits means greater productivity, creativity and improved emotional wellbeing.

The benefits of morning routines

In the morning, kids need to prepare for the day ahead and all of the new things they will experience and learn.  Shake out the cobwebs from a great night’s sleep, and find a state of wakefulness and revitalized energy.

Set the mind to a task-oriented state by repeating rituals until they become a regular practice that requires very little thought.  When we shift the small tasks from conscious thought to a pattern in automatic mode, we reduce stress and improve focus.

Regular meditation is a wonderful way to encourage mindfulness. It can help to discourage thoughts to wander away into worries about the past, or anticipation about the future.  Use positive affirmations to set goals and encourage your kids to as well.  Something as simple as “I am going to have a great day today” can shift moods! It can help them get excited about all the wonderful things they have to look forward to at school or at home.

The benefits of evening routines

Time to wind down, get ready to relax and prepare for sleep! Sleep quality affects every part of the body – from focus to muscle tension.  Young minds need excellent sleep routines drawn out for them, as they lack the ability to regulate energy states when over-excited.  Winding down with focus means slowly removing new inputs to relax into quieter times with less activity.

Use this time to reflect on the day’s achievements, reinforcing lessons learned or reminding little ones how well they did in managing a situation. Minimize exposure to blue light, which can be disruptive.

Hygiene practice is also a key part of our evening routines – bathtime, washing faces, brushing teeth, putting clothes from the day into the hamper and getting ready into comfortable pajamas.  Having a tidy-up just before tidying up ourselves is a great way to link to the morning ahead. By keeping bedrooms tidy every evening, they are ready for kids to play again the next day. 

While the day starts with positive affirmations, the evening can be an opportunity for kids to express what they are grateful for.  Children love to be a part of planning things.  So, enabling them to know about what comes next ensures they will feel like a valued part of the family.  Routine can also be a way to reduce anxiety in times of stress.

Why not start new morning and evening routines with your family?

Try something small at first – perhaps a special song on Monday morning that becomes a regular habit.  Adapt to changes as they come!  Kids have been known to be a little unpredictable.  Attempting to stick to routines with too much rigidity will only cause stress.  Use your imagination to go with the flow.

Keen to start your routine with Moshi? Try waking up with Wurley’s Happy Morning Meditation and falling asleep to Fluttercup’s Long Lost Magic Harp.

Nicole Donne