Valentine's Day Bedtime Stories for All Ages

Valentine’s Day Bedtime Stories for All Ages

14 February 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan 2 mins

No Valentine’s Day is complete without a little magic and a whole lotta love. Perfect for any age, drift to sleep to the whimsical and soothing sounds of these love-themed Moshi Stories.

Mr and Mrs Snoodle’s Doodle Date

A super cute story of Mr and Mrs Snoodle’s first date. Whimsical, charming, and very sleepy, this fully orchestrated, romantic rhyming tale is filled with subtle references to kindness, love, and accepting others for who they are, quirks and all.

Stanley & Ophelia

A beautifully romantic tale that tells of Stanley the Songful Seahorse’s search for a sub-aquatic soulmate. It seems Ophelia is the seahorse of his dreams but will this reef-dwelling couple escape the coral-collecting nets from above? Listen now to find out.

Cali the Moonlit Mermaid

Heartwarming and magical, this Moshi Story tells of Cali the Mermaid princess’s forbidden romance with a lovestruck Moshling called Linton, deep beneath the moonlit waves of Potion Ocean. 

Pearl and Clinky’s Sleepy Ice Cube Caper

A pair of Moshling ice cubes discover that swirling around and relaxing in a glass of water can have its perils. It’s a super cool tale of clinking ice and smart advice… with a lemon slice. Featuring the real sound of clinking ice.

Flash & Wanda’s Perfect Storm

This beautifully heartwarming story tells of two Moshling clouds that meet in the moonlit skies to dance. Every time they touch, they create gentle thunder, sending all who listen to sleep. Featuring the genuine sound of distant thunder, this calming tale is ideal for helping nervous kids appreciate the wonders of weather. 

Love Story for a Lost Sock

This Moshi Story is a sleepy, sentimental tale that sees a single sock called Threddie taking a chance at a Valentine’s dance. Before long, he meets another sock called Matilda and discovers that true happiness comes in pairs. Featuring delightfully romantic choruses, poignant piano, and the soothing thrum of a washing machine.

Alyssa Morgan