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Can Moshi play through Bluetooth speakers?

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Help GuideThe answer is yes! We designed Moshi to be an audio app. The lack of video makes Moshi an ideal choice for bedtime stories & sounds over Bluetooth speakers, or for using Moshi during the day when you do not want to use the device.

There are a number of ways to do this:

Chromecast enables Android devices to stream content to a Google Home Device or Smart TV with Chromecast capability. For more help with this, please visit our FAQ section under the heading: Does Moshi work on Chromecast?

With Bluetooth, Apple devices can also be connected to Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices. There is also the option to connect to a TV via Apple Airplay and some Sonos speakers will connect via Apple Play.

Although it may seem strange to suggest connecting Moshi to a smart TV when we have stated Moshi does not require a screen at bedtime, many smart TVs allow sound to be played without a picture, so please consult your TV’s instructions for details.

To broadcast Moshi on your Bluetooth speaker:

1- Turn on Bluetooth on both your speaker and your mobile device.

2- Set the speaker device to pairing mode.

3- Open your mobile device Settings and select Bluetooth. Allow a few seconds for your phone to detect your second device. Once it appears, select it to pair.

4- When pairing is complete, you’ll see a message such as ‘paired‘ or ‘connected‘.

5- Open Moshi and play a story. The sound should now come from your speaker.

If you need further assistance, check Apple or Google explanations below: