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Moshi on Yoto

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Exciting news! You can now listen to some of our popular Moshi Stories via your Yoto player! From February 2023 you can purchase two Moshi cards, each containing two stories. More cards will be released as the year goes on…

Where can I buy Moshi Cards?

Moshi cards can be purchased both online – directly from Yoto, as well as in some stores. Here are some links for your convenience:

StockistsBuy online at Yoto

How do I use the Yoto Box?

Yoto players are very easy to use, simply switch the player on, insert your card, and it should start to play (on WiFi if it hasn’t been played before). It’s as simple as that! To find out more from Yoto please visit their help site here

Can I play my Moshi subscription via my Yoto Player?

You can play your Moshi Subscription via the Bluetooth speaker on Yoto. You will need to pair the device in order to stream to the player.

Find out more here!

Which Moshi tracks are on the cards?

Forever Friends: Making Friends with Flumpy and Kindness, Caring and Sharing with Dewy

Magical Stories: Cali the Moonlit Mermaid and Jeeper’s Fantabulous Flying Carpet

Moshi x Yoto Giveaway

We have partnered with Yoto for the ultimate giveaway. Details can be found on our Instagram account @playmoshikids.