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How can I use Moshi in the daytime?

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Help GuideThe app has music, sounds, meditations, and breathing tracks to help the listener to relax and feel good throughout the day.

As a family, why not listen to some of the shorter tracks while lying on the carpet? Relaxation like this can set the mood for the whole family. Additionally, you could try to relax the child by having them breathe for one minute before heading into school.
Some of our families like to do similar activities after school. Making the transition from school to home easier and taking the stress out of the school run!

To start the day try the Meditations section. We recommend starting with ‘1. Getting Started’ moving on to 2. Stream of Thought’ and so on.

We also have different sections for different scenarios, such as ‘Calming Down’, Building Self-Confidence’, and Meditation Techniques’.