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Is there such a thing as a perfect parent?

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There is such a thing as the perfect parent.

In your child’s eyes, you are PERFECT for them.

Parenting is tough! Don’t forget to remind yourself that you are doing the best you can.

It doesn’t matter how you fed your child – you met their need for food.

It doesn’t matter how you helped your child rest at night – you met their need for sleep.

It doesn’t matter how you played with your child – you met their need for play.

And quite frankly, it doesn’t matter how you choose to parent your children, it’s you who show up for them each and every day.

Quite often we underestimate the power of connection. Whether that’s through teaching our child right from wrong or offering them the choice between the blue or the green cup for the umpteenth time that day or just simply getting on the floor and creating a train track with our kiddo. These moments throughout our day, where we can just be with our kids, are the pockets of time our children cling to. They won’t remember that cool and exciting day at the zoo last week, or the time you had to go to work and you left them at home poorly with a grandparent (Which in all honesty are the catalyst moments for what many call ‘parent guilt’). Your child is going to remember how snug and long your cuddle lasted as they dropped off to sleep and the way their bodies felt after they giggled the biggest belly laugh watching you dance to ‘shake your sillies out’ for the fifth time after dinner.

As your babies grow up, you Mama, Daddy, are growing alongside them. Some days you will never know the right thing to do. On other days, you’ll think you’ve nailed it and tomorrow it will all feel out of whack again. Development happens in seasons and the beauty about seasons is that they pass. As your identity shifts and as your babies change, trial and error are what see you through each day. So, add a pinch of love each morning. Give yourself some grace. You are their mother. You are their father. And they adore you!

Is there such a thing as a perfect parent?