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Moshi in Libraries

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Moshi has partnered with some UK libraries and hopes to expand to many others in the future.

Your library may be showcasing Moshi as part of your library membership*, so check out the library’s website for more information.

*There is no charge for this service, it is a perk within your library membership!

How does this work?

You have 30 days of access to Moshi as a participating library member.

Can I have it for more than 30 days?

If you are still a library member, just go back to your library’s website and log back in via the link on their site – simple as that!

Where do I find out if my library is participating?

Moshi should be listed under ‘services’ on your library’s website. East Lothian (live as or 8th September 2022) following are: Brighton and Hove, and Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown in Ireland will be the first libraries to add Moshi as a service.

Will you add more libraries?

It is certainly our hope that this will be the case. Check your library’s website or check back here as we are in talks with lots of areas.