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Moshi Play FAQs

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How do I stop my child from playing the games when left listening to the stories?

When a child’s goal is to sleep, we would not recommend leaving the device with them. The audio tracks continue to play even when the screen/device is turned off. A lock feature may be added to Moshi Play in the future.

How is screen time safe when using activities?

Our children have become “digital natives,” meaning they are accustomed to utilizing technology in their everyday lives. It is crucial that we encourage children to use technology, including tablets, phones, television, and computers, and teach them how to use technology in a healthy way. You can be sure that Moshi is a safe space for your child to have healthy entertainment.

How often will you release new activities?

It is not certain when a brand-new game will be released. As soon as a new activity is ready, it will be added to your child’s experience.

The activities are too young for my child, will you add more challenging activities?

We will be working on activities that will be more challenging to suit an older child.

Do we need WiFi?

No, you are able to play offline 🙂

Are the activities free?

Activities are only available to those on a Subscription. You can find out more about Moshi Subscription here.

Why Does it not work on my device?

At present we do not have Moshi Play available for Amazon devices but we do hope to look at adding them in the future.

For Android devices, Moshi Play will work on Android 9.0 or above, but will not run on Android 7 or 8. This will not affect audio content on Android 7.0 or 8.0.

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