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My Moshi Day

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With My Moshi Day, 16 pieces of personalized content are presented to your child every day at the right time, according to their age. It’s important for us to provide a personalized experience and offer tracks appropriate to your child’s age at that particular time of day. We care about you and your experience, so we want to tailor our services to meet your needs.

Why have you changed the format?

It’s not all about sleep at Moshi! Our goal is to highlight the benefits of using Moshi during the daytime as well! You’ll see different content at different times of the day, and the screens will change accordingly.

What times of day do the screen change?

  • Mornings (5am-10am)
  • Day(10am-5pm) 
  • Evenings (5pm-7pm) 
  • Bedtimes (7pm- 5am) 

Can I change the Moshlings that appear at different times?

We are afraid it is not possible to change the Moshlings. Here are the Moshlings you’ll see throughout the whole day:

  • Chirpy to guide you through mornings
  • Flumpy takes you throughout the day
  • Yawnsy leads into the evenings
  • SleepyPaws, of course, takes you to bedtime

Why am I getting content that is irrelevant?

The content sent to your device is based on the child’s age.

Your feedback is very important to us, so please let us know if you think the content isn’t appropriate for your child’s age.

Isn’t this causing more screen time?

Screen time when used healthily can be beneficial! We strive to provide healthy experiences that enhance a child’s development. We aim to provide your child with additional resources in order to increase their well-being. 

I don’t really want this, what can I do?

Simply swipe down and you’ll be able to use Moshi just as you did before 🙂