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Moshi on Tonies

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How can I find Moshi on my Tonies box?

First, download the MyTonies app on your device:

  • Login to the MyTonies app and tap the ‘explore’ tab at the bottom of the screen
  • For a list of free content, make sure you’re viewing the ‘Free for you’ section of the Library.
  • Once you’ve found Moshi, tap on the name of the content you’d like to assign
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap on the red Tonie logo with an arrow
  • You will see a list of Creative-Tonies you can assign the content to. Only Creative-Tonies with sufficient space and that you have access to will be displayed here
  • Once you find the Creative-Tonie(s) you would like to upload to, tap on the picture of the Creative-Tonie
  • A green checkmark will appear next to the picture of the Creative-Tonie. Tap on the red Tonie logo with an arrow.
  • Your Creative-Tonie has now been assigned the free content! The new content will be available to download once you sync your Toniebox. Simply turn on the Toniebox and pinch one of the Toniebox’s ears for about three seconds until you hear a sound. While your Toniebox updates with new content, the LED will flash blue. When the light turns solid green, you can place the Creative-Tonie on the Toniebox. Playback and download of the new content will take place simultaneously

For a more in-depth instruction with videos, please go here:


How do I get the free Tonie?

Head on over to the Tonies website to purchase your Tonies box. Once you have selected everything you need, head to the checkout. On the summary on the right, you’ll see a + Add Coupon Code – You’ll need to add your exclusive Moshi code* (MOSHI15) and hit enter. You’ll then see the discount coupon within the summary.

*Limited time only offer. Code cannot be used in conjunction with any other tonies® offer. Free Tonie can only be applied to baskets containing 1 x Tonie Starter Set (Toniebox + 1 Creative Tonie included) and at least 1 x individual Tonie. Available while stock lasts. Valid until 24.11.2022 on tonies.com & tonies.us. One use per customer.

Tonies USA: https://us.tonies.com/

Tonies UK: https://tonies.com/en-gb/

How often do you add Moshi tracks to Tonies?

We hope to be adding in tracks every 4-6 weeks, however, this is an approximation.

One of the tracks I listened to has gone, do you remove content?

The previous content will be removed once new content is added. You can still access it via the Moshi App.

Can I connect my subscription to play via my Tonies box?

We are afraid it is not possible to play your Moshi Subscription via your Tonies box.

Will you be adding characters for use on the Tonies Box?

It is very likely that characters will be added in the future, but it is not imminent. You will hear more about this closer to the time.

Make sure ‘Moshi Updates’ is turned on in your settings to ensure you’re the first to hear!

I’m having a problem with my Tonies box, what can I do?

We’d recommend checking on Tonies FAQs that should be able to help. If not you can contact Tonies directly here: 

Moshi on Tonies