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What happens in your child’s body when they listen to a Moshi Meditation?

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Research on mindfulness is ever-growing and what it tells us is that meditation practice supports cognitive, academic, and social-emotional development. Mindfulness can positively affect emotion regulation, body awareness, and sense of self. So, what better way than to introduce these beautiful practices, and therefore their benefits, in a charming and fun-loving way, to our kids.

When your child listens to Moshi’s Mindfulness Magic, they may find that their body begins to feel more grounded, they may become more in tune with the rhythm of their heartbeat or the rise and fall of their chest, and they may be able to be still in that moment and relax into how hard their body is working on the inside. Mindfulness is regulating for our bodies. Particularly if a child is feeling a big feeling, mindfulness can calm our breathing, our heart rate, and blood pressure and helps to still those responses. Mindfulness teaches our children to notice their emotions, to be self-aware and in touch with their bodies.

What happens in your child’s body when they listen to Moshi meditation?