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What is the best way to use Moshi?

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My name is Bexy and I am the Senior Customer Service Manager at Moshi. I use the app for my two children in different ways every day. The one tip I could give you on utilizing Moshi is to persevere. Perseverance as many parents have told us is the key to success. There may be a trial-and-error process until you find the right fit for your child, whether you’re using Moshi during the day to soothe a temper tantrum or using Moshi at bedtime.

It’s not uncommon to get lucky at bedtime, play the first story and your child will fall asleep within 5 minutes. It is possible to put on a 5-minute Moshi Meditation and your child will calm down instantly, but we know from experience that it doesn’t work this way for every family.

Help GuideFrom my personal experience, I tried the stories with my daughter at age 8 and she was asleep within minutes, but the stories would not work for my son (at age 2). What I tried were different sounds rather than stories, he didn’t seem to want to engage with the stories. 5 minutes of pink noise worked for him. However, when he reached 5 the stories started to work.

One example showed us that both of my children of varying ages needed something different.

I would advise you to keep trying the different areas of the app, and you will find the particular track that suits your child, you may even find that different areas of the app, suit different times of the day and your child’s mood better!

We have written many articles on different ways to use the app. It is always better to slowly introduce the app as a family. We wouldn’t advise on the first try to put it on and walk away in the hopes it will work. Our families use the app as a bonding experience, they choose the tracks together and often stay with the child while it’s playing.

My Customer Experience Team is always on hand should you need us with lots of advice and support if you’re not getting the desired results. I am confident that we can guide you in the right direction.

I hope that Moshi can play a huge part in your and your child’s emotional wellbeing and we look forward to guiding you along the way.

Bexy –

Senior Customer Experience Manager