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Can Moshi help with Anxiety?

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Help GuideThere are many types of anxiety and it can affect anyone of any age. Kids often have a difficult time understanding how they feel when they are anxious. Moshi has content covering a range of scenarios that can help the listener process their feelings so that they feel calmer and stop worries and fears from interfering with their daily lives.
Moshi Moments are bite-sized pieces of content that are easy to listen to and follow; try ‘Anxiety be Gone with Yana’ or ‘Goldie’s Five-Minute Brain Break’ from the Moments range. There are several longer meditations to try, including ShiShi’s Soothing Anxiety Shrinker and Tapping Worries Away with ShiShi. Taking a minute to listen to one of our breathing tracks can help focus your mind and bring you peace.

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