Mindfulness Routines for Children: 7 Days of Moshi Mindfulness

Mindfulness Routines for Children: 7 Days of Moshi Mindfulness

7 April 2022 • Words by Allison Henry 2 mins

Welcome to 7 Days of Moshi Mindfulness, a Moshi mindfulness routine for children.

This short, step-by-step program is here to help kids become healthier and happier by showing them how to take more notice of the way they feel. Each of the seven days walks kids through a process of understanding, recognizing, and managing emotions. Kids learn the foundations of SEL and mindfulness, including self-awareness, self-management, and social awareness. This learning process is important as it sets the tone for healthy daily habits and the generalization of strategies in and beyond the classroom.

Many of the educators who use Moshi daily in their classrooms started off with Moshi in the same way, by introducing mindfulness to their students in these incremental steps. The seven sessions range from 5 to 10 minutes each and only require the press of the play button. Kids should be spaced apart so that they are not distracted by peers, and you can turn the lights off or keep them on, whichever is most comfortable for your class. Some educators start their day off with a mindfulness session, while others do them after recess and lunch. No matter the time of day, the important thing is being consistent and scaffolding the learning by doing Days 1 through 7 in order. 

Let’s take a look at what kids will learn during the 7 Days of Moshi Mindfulness:

Getting Started – Day 1

Kids learn the basics of mindfulness, including clearing their minds and breathing.

Streams of Thought – Day 2

Kids learn to recognize their stream of thoughts and how their minds and bodies are feeling in the moment.

Inner Smileyness – Day 3

Kids learn that practicing mindfulness each day leads to inner peace.

Picturing Peace – Day 4

Kids learn about using their imagination to create a sense of calm. 

Thinking and Thanking – Day 5

Kids learn about gratitude by reflecting on experiences that they are thankful for and the world around them.

Calming Counting – Day 6

Kids learn a counting strategy to help them with deep breathing

Putting it all Together – Day 7

Kids learn to put all of the mindfulness strategies to work and focus on their minds and bodies.

In addition to this mindfulness routine for children, there are full lesson plans to accompany each of the seven days. School counselors and teachers – these are perfect for whole class or small group instruction.

Allison Henry