We did all the research so you don’t have to. 

Moshi gets kids to sleep faster, for longer, and with fewer night wakeups*.

In the classroom, 93% of teachers reported that regular Moshi use improved student focus**.

*in a 2020 study with New York University
**in a 2021 study of 108 teachers using the product

Kids fall asleep

28 minutes faster

Kids sleep for

22 minutes longer

Night wakings

decrease by up to 50%

Sleeping made simple

Mesmerizing Stories

Gentle rhyming journeys with dreamy, melodic choruses. As each enchanting tale progresses,  narration becomes sleepier, dialogue begins to encourage peaceful thoughts, and musical backing takes over before dissolving, thus easing your child into a restful slumber. 

Science 6

Put your mind to bed

Ambient White Noise & Soothing Sounds

Moshi features countless soothing sounds, from pure white and color noise to soporific sounds such as the  hushed hum of a vacuum, raindrops on canvas, lapping waves, the soft buzz of a lawnmower, and many more. Find your child’s most-loved sounds within an endless library. 

Moshi for Schools 11

Mindful Moments

Kids Meditations

Mindfulness practice supports cognitive, academic, and social-emotional development. Moshi has hours of guided meditations, both bite-sized and long form, designed to introduce your child to the many benefits in a fun, engaging way. By using fun characters and familiar, kid-friendly scenarios to convey life’s challenges, Moshi makes mindfulness magical. 

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Designed by experts for developing brains

An evidence-based approach to social-emotional learning

Creativity in the Classroom: How Moshi Uses Fun Characters to Teach SEL 3
Social Awareness

Social awareness is the ability to process perspective and empathize with others. Understanding behavior expectation is a key skill to engage with diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Science 19
Relationship Skills

To establish and maintain healthy and rewarding relationships requires the ability to communicate clearly, listen, cooperate, resolve conflicts, and seek help.

Science 20

Self-management is the ability to navigate and regulate emotions, thoughts, and behavior. This skill supports effective stress management, impulse control, and the ability to set and achieve goals.

Creativity in the Classroom: How Moshi Uses Fun Characters to Teach SEL 5
Responsible Decision Making

Every child can gain independence through the accountability for choices around their physical, intellectual, social, and emotional self.

Creativity in the Classroom: How Moshi Uses Fun Characters to Teach SEL 2

Your child’s self-awareness skills is the ability to be recognise their emotions, thoughts, behaviors, values, preferences, goals, strengths, challenges, attitudes and how they affect impact outcomes and consequence.

Meet Dr. Azizi

Dr. Azizi Seixas is an accomplished biomedical researcher, scientist, innovator, advocate, and world-renowned speaker. As a highly-regarded leader in the field of health technology, Dr. Seixas is the Chair for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Young Investigator Research Forum, serves on the Mental Health Task Force at the American Department of Defense, and is the in-house sleep expert at NBC Health News.

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Endorsed by experts
From the mindful exercises that children can participate in during the day, to the bedtime stories at night, an audio app like Moshi helps ground children and gives them a sense of calm before bedtime.

Dr. Azizi Seixas

PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Miami

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