Bedtime Stories that Teach Kids Social Skills

Bedtime Stories that Teach Kids Social Skills

22 July 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan 2 mins

The Moshi app not only has whimsical bedtime stories that help get even the trickiest of sleepers to sleep, but many of the stories contain social and emotional lessons. Here are just a few of our favorite Moshi Stories that help teach kids social skills. Perfect for back-to-school!

Bedtime Stories that Teach Kids Social Skills

Making Friends with Flumpy

Your dreams will be filled with wondrous stuff, once you learn how to make friends like Flumpy the Pluff. He’s the softest, squishiest, friendliest Moshling in the land! 

Bodge Paints the World

Kids can fall asleep to this joyous and thought-provoking story of Bodge the Artful Splodger, a paint-loving Moshling who spreads joy and color everywhere he goes. Featuring beautiful choruses, gentle piano-led music, and subtle messages about diversity, this is an uplifting Moshi masterpiece. 

YaYa the Zonkey

A very special story with a heartwarming message. A little zonkey called YaYa realizes she enjoys the best of two cultures while bringing her donkey and zebra pals together to celebrate their differences and run wild across the Moshi Savanna. Featuring emotive music and gentle galloping, this is a truly beautiful tale of togetherness.

Fifi’s Uptown Dressing Down

Kids can drift to sleep listening to this whimsical tale of a snooty Oochie Poochie and her fancy shopping trip to glitzy Ooh La Lane. Featuring jazzy music, characterful narration and subtle messages about the magic of kindness and generosity, it’s a splendidly vintage Moshi classic.

Roswell’s Moshling Encounter

Kids can learn about inclusivity and togetherness as they drift off listening to this heartwarming sci-fi story that tells of a little alien’s efforts to teach some wary Moshlings how to be more welcoming. Featuring beautiful messages, epic orchestration and a calming lullaby-style chorus, this is set to become a Moshi classic. 

Breezy and Honey’s Twilight Kite Flight

A wonderfully whimsical tale of trust and friendship! It sees a little Moshling kite scaling new heights with his best friend, Honey the Funny Bunny. Featuring sleepy sing-song choruses, gentle flapping sounds and a subtle message reinforcing the importance of mutual trust.

Tumbles the Nifty Shifty

This heartwarming Moshi Story tells of a fun-loving Moshling who struggles to fit in with some new faces. But when a kindly old wizard intervenes the tables are turned and Tumbles teaches everyone how to be more welcoming. 

Fuddy the Pudgy Fubble

Find out how Fuddy’s friends finally learn that kindness is a strength, not a weakness, in this sleepy fable featuring naughty Glumps, jammed saucepans and a very helpful Moshling.

King Brian Turns Over a New Leaf

The heartwarming story of a spoilt and selfish lion king who turns over a new leaf. This is all thanks to a mysterious Fancy Banshee who shows him the error of his ways. 

Alyssa Morgan