Meet the Moshling – Flumpy the Pluff

Meet the Moshling – Flumpy the Pluff

8 July 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan 2 mins

Meet Flumpy – a seriously chilled-out and positive Pluff Moshling. Like most Pluffs, they like to hang out in the super squishy Cotton Clump plantations. But unlike most Pluffs, Flumpy enjoys bouncing around the Moshi world on a never-ending line of mini-trampolines. They find their gentle boinging sound incredibly relaxing.

Flumpy loves showing listeners how powerful having a positive outlook on life can be, especially when it comes to building strong and lasting relationships.

Through interacting with this laid-back Pluff’s Moshi content, kids can learn:

Here’s how your children could spend their day with Flumpy and Moshi:

Morning: Start the day with a Moshi Moment

Looking on the Brightside with Flumpy

Learn to look on the bright side of life as you join Flumpy the Pluff for this short but fun session that includes some mood-lifting self-affirmations that you can repeat.

Mid-Day: Drift off at naptime with a Sleep Journey or just rest with some White Noise

Flumpy’s Tremendous Trampoline Trip

Follow Flumpy as he boings around the Moshi world in this mega-sleepy journey featuring mesmerizing trampoline sounds recorded using miraculous Moshiphonic HD microphones.

Flumpy’s White Noise Machine

Flumpy the Pluff has invented a miraculously restful sound, designed to gently soothe you to sleep. Curious about the benefits of white noise? Click here!

Night: Wind down the day with a magical bedtime story and calming bedtime music

Making Friends with Flumpy

Your dreams will be filled with wondrous stuff, once you learn how to make friends like Flumpy the Pluff. This is because they’re the softest, squishiest and friendliest Moshling in the land! 

Flumpy’s Fantasia

Brought to you by our award-winning team to help kids relax, focus, concentrate and sleep. Many of our tranquil, completely original instrumentals are fully orchestrated and super relaxing.

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Alyssa Morgan