5 Ways Moshi Can Help You Manage Your Classroom

5 Ways Moshi Can Help You Manage Your Classroom

14 June 2021 • Words by Sharon Brandwein 3 mins

Every day, without fail, teachers must grab and hold the attention of dozens of students brimming with youthful exuberance. And if that weren’t enough, teachers are also tasked with redirecting distracting behavior and ensuring that their students are engaged and motivated. However, with the right methods and support system, you can make sure that your students are more focused and better behaved, allowing them to get more out of your lessons.

That’s why we put together this list of five ways Moshi can help you manage your classroom. Ahead we’ll cover tips, tools, and strategies for different grade levels to get you started on the right foot.

What Is Classroom Management?

Classroom management is the compilation of various skills and techniques that teachers use to keep their classrooms running smoothly. To effectively manage their classrooms, teachers not only need to have knowledge of how kids learn but also strategies to deal with student behavior.

How Can Moshi Help?

Study after study has shown that the development of social and emotional skills is key to positive behavior in schools — and that’s where Moshi can help.

Created by licensed educators and curriculum specialists, Moshi for Educators is a free social and emotional learning curriculum built around Moshi’s audio mindfulness content. The lessons teach kids valuable life skills like following directions, managing emotions, dealing with conflicts, and working cooperatively with others. But perhaps, more importantly, it helps teachers transform the classroom climate from chaos to one of cooperative learning.

“Moshi is capable of changing the entire climate of my classroom. The characters are so relatable and so fun for my kindergarteners, they really love it. Even the initial sound when you put on a song can make my classroom go from a hyper 10 to a calm 1 on a scale.”

Jennifer Ksicinksi, Kindergarten Teacher

5 Ways Moshi Helps with Classroom Management 

With a large and ever-growing library of lesson plans, Moshi for Educators touches on the key social-emotional learning topics below in a format that’s fun for kids and easy for educators.


Helping kids learn to recognize their emotions and understand their strengths is key to an orderly classroom. Using self-awareness tools like deep breathing and meditation, our own little Moshling, Blinki, teaches kids how to manage their emotions and encourages them to think of happy moments in life.

Responsible Decision-Making

For a classroom to run smoothly, kids must learn to make caring and constructive decisions about their own behavior and social interactions. In Troy and the Maze of Thieves, Troy shows kids how to use responsible decision-making to understand the consequences of their own actions.


Narrated by Goldie Hawn, this lesson on social awareness teaches kids how to look at things from a different perspective and empathize with others. This powerful lesson encourages the use of mindfulness strategies like kindness, generosity, and positivity when interacting with others.  


Moshi for Educators helps kids identify and manage their own emotions, behaviors, and thoughts effectively. For example, in Gratitude with Blossom, our Moshling Blossom teaches kids about the power of gratitude and shows them how they can use it as a tool for managing their own emotions.

Relationship Skills 

It’s important that kids not only learn to establish and maintain healthy relationships, but also learn the basics of clear communication, active listening, and teamwork. In this lesson, Cali the Moonlit Mermaid brings diversity to the forefront and helps kids develop critical relationship skills that encourage cooperation with others who may be different. 

The Moshi for Educators curriculum helps with classroom management by teaching kids critical social and emotional skills in a fun and easy way. By incorporating these lessons on a daily basis, thousands of teachers are seeing an improvement in their classroom environments, leading to a better, more focused classroom.

Sharon Brandwein

Sharon Brandwein is a writer specializing in all things parenting. Her work has also appeared on ABCNews, Motherly, and, Scary Mommy, and Parents. When she’s not busy curating a wardrobe for her puppy, you can find her writing about motherhood, among other things, on SharonBrandwein.com, and of course right here on Moshi.