Confidence Quotes for Kids

Confidence Quotes for Kids

30 May 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan < 1 min

Every parent and caregiver wants to raise their children to be confident in themselves and what they bring to the world. Moshi loves to pack bedtime stories full of lessons and magic. Here are a few whimsical and inspiring confidence quotes from Moshi Stories to help shift kids’ minds towards brave and positive thoughts.

Confidence Quotes for Kids from Moshi Stories

“I can’t believe it,” Snoodle says, “Just look at what you’ve achieved…
You knew that you could score that goal when no one else believed
More than that, I hope each of my players recognizes
That you prove heroes come in lots of different shapes and sizes”

Bend it Like Dribbles

Gazing into the wishing well, Fluttercup then speaks
“You know Gigi I’ve been hoping to talk to you for weeks…
I’ve seen how you love unicorns and want to be one too
But you are just as special, I hope you know that’s true?”

Fluttercup goes on to give her new friend more advice
“You’ll never be a unicorn, so you must realize…
That even little mules like you are magic and unique
And sometimes if you search your soul, you’ll find the thing you seek”

Fluttercup’s School for Unicorns

Melena finally understands that what folks say is true
Sometimes your greatest challenge is overcoming YOU
See, fear can sometimes hold you back and muddle up your mind
But taking time to breathe and think can help all of us find
A happy place where we can go if ever we feel stressed
And Melena’s is a tennis court (in case you hadn’t guessed)

Melena’s Wumpleton Tennis Tale
Alyssa Morgan