Diversity Quotes for Kids

Diversity Quotes for Kids

28 May 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan < 1 min

Even though some topics can a little more delicate to navigate, they’re still important to talk with our children about. Moshi does an amazing job of weaving social and emotional lessons into their magical bedtime stories and moments. Here are just a few quotes from whimsical Moshi Stories that touch on the importance of diversity and acceptance, written specifically for kids.

Diversity Quotes for Kids from Moshi Stories

Even though they’re different and they don’t live in the sea.
Most creatures from above the waves are just like you and me…
They love and care and laugh and share, and some can even swim!
So it’s wrong for you to ban all contact on some ancient whim.

Cali the Moonlit Mermaid

Celebrating differences is what the world should do,
And sharing similarities is quite essential too.

YaYa the Zonkey

Tumbles and the wizard show the Woodland Moshlings round.
They’re stunned by all the different Moshlings wandering through town.
“We should have been more welcoming” the Woodland Moshlings say,
“We promise we’ll be nicer if you come again someday.”

The wizard says, “You can’t expect to fit in all the time.
Just make sure that you’re kind to others, then you’ll be just fine.
And if you feel self-conscious, as if you don’t fit in…
Relax, because it’s best when you feel comfy in your skin.

Don’t change the way you look or feel to be part of the pack
A true friend sees beyond mere looks and always has your back.”
With that the wizard disappears, then Tumbles and his friends
Hug the Woodland Moshlings, who agree to make amends.

Tumbles the Nifty Shifty

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Alyssa Morgan