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Daily Writing Prompts for Children

18 April 2022 • Words by Allison Henry < 1 min

If you have completed the Buster’s Daily Diaries Season 1 Playlist and you’re ready for more fun daily writing prompts and activities for your children, check out Buster’s Daily Diaries Season 2.

Season 2 includes numerous short, engaging audio tracks where Buster shares his adventures. The audio provides a narrative of Buster and his Moshi-styled daily journal entries. He describes his Moshling friends, their adventures and his thoughts about friendship. Like Season 1, Season 2 is adaptable to numerous writing programs you may already use. You can offer the tracks as inspiration for children to begin their own daily writing experience. 

As kids become more familiar with a daily writing routine, you can invite them to share their responses with a partner or with the whole class. This type of interactive journaling can create ownership and a sense of accomplishment. 

Early elementary students whose literacy skills are just developing can respond to journal prompts through drawing. You can try these prompts with kids to work on their retelling and comprehension skills, or make up your own:

Once kids have practiced reflecting on Buster’s experiences, they can begin to describe their own day in a similar fashion. 

Teachers and parents, start or continue to reinforce the habit of daily journaling using these fun, interactive activities. Download and try them out today!

Allison Henry