Meet the Moshling – Luna the Sleepy Sloth

Meet the Moshling – Luna the Sleepy Sloth

23 April 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan < 1 min

Meet Luna – Sleepy Sloths are said to laze around, high up in the trees of Snufflepeeps Rainforest, a lush tropical area somewhere within the Gombala Gombala Jungle. These incredibly cute creatures are probably the snuggliest, dreamiest Moshlings ever to sleepwalk their way into Buster B’s Encyclopedia of Moshiness, but no one is sure if they are Cuddly Wuddlies, Dreamy Dozykins or even Neepy Nigh Nighs.

Fill your kids’ dreams with these soothing bedtime stories featuring the Moshling, Luna the Sleepy Sloth:

Luna the Sleepy Sloth

Join Buster Bumblechops, world-famous Moshling enthusiast, on a dreamy journey through the exotic Snufflepeeps Rainforest in search of a very rare Sleepy Sloth called Luna. This soothing journey is perfect for children who tend to wake in the night.

Luna’s Restful Rainforest

Dream of magical rainforests in this sleepy bedtime story of a cute little sloth called Luna! She loves lazy evenings spent enjoying nature and listening to the rain with her friends. Featuring the pitter-patter of genuine rainfall and a heartfelt message of friendship. Luna’s Restful Rainforest is what sweet dreams are made of.

“Luna loves to laze around, especially when it’s raining
Gazing at her lush green world, so calm yet entertaining
She hangs beneath a twisted branch to watch the world go by
Up and down and side to side, from treetops, oh so high”

Luna’s Restful Rainforest

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Alyssa Morgan