Dreaming of Dogs

Magical Bedtime Stories Featuring Dogs

1 February 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan < 1 min

Ever wondered what dogs dream about? Wonder no more because this pawsomely sleepy bedtime story sees us joining a cute Moshling dog in a truly wagnificent dream. This sleepy tale explains what goes on in doggy dreams, and features cute canine whimpering, snuffling, and snoring throughout. It’s a pawsomely wagnificent Moshi triumph that is sure to settle and enchant little fans of four-legged friends.

The Moshi bedtime story, McNulty’s Doggy Dream, whimsically describes what dogs dream about when they are asleep. When McNulty realizes she can control her dream, things get pretty surreal…

McNulty thinks of skateboards and *poof* one just appears
Then the beagle wishes he could fly by flapping his huge ears 
Rex the big retriever dreams of swimming in a lake
That’s filled with giant squishy bones and squeaky rubber steaks

excerpt from Mcnulty’s Doggy Dreams

McNulty is a super cute Moshling pup from Sherlock Nook, just south of Waggytail Hollow. When she isn’t scampering around and chasing her tail, she loves to snuggle in her basket and dream of giant doggy toys. 

Fun Fact for Parents: Cuddly McNulty is named after the main character in The Wire.

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Alyssa Morgan