Easter Bedtime Stories for Kids

Easter Bedtime Stories for Kids

13 April 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan < 1 min

No Easter is complete without dreamy, magical bedtime stories for kids set in the whimsical world of Moshi. From magical hats to cracking eggs – there is something kids of all ages (0 to 99) will love!

BoBo’s Magic Bonnet

Get into the Easter spirit with this sleepy story of friendship and inner joy that features a llama, an egg rolling race, a magical bonnet parade and lots of Moshlings. If that sounds silly, it is. But it is also a truly wonderful way to fall asleep and, as well as mesmerizing music and narration, stars BoBo, a Lullaby Llama who’s cute beyond belief.

Buster’s Sleepy Egg Hunt 

Take a tuneful trip to the dreamiest corners of the Moshi world as Buster Bumblechops tells of his quest to find a very special egg.

Benedict’s Cracking Adventure

Easter is in the air! Kids can settle down listening to this whimsical and enchanting bedtime story about Benedict, an eggish Moshling. He embarks upon a moonlit quest to discover why being tired is cracking him up. Filled with bedtime tips and tricks, it’s eggactly what little ones need at bedtime.

Wanting to dream of bunnies for Easter? Check out these Moshi favorites, too!

Honey’s Jump Rope Journey

One of Moshi’s sleepiest stories ever! This dreamy tale features the soothing sound of a bunny jumping rope as she skips home to Pawberry Fields through the Moshi countryside.

Nodkins Goes Dream Hopping

This is a very sleepy bedtime story all about a bunny who can hop into other Moshlings’ dreams.

Alyssa Morgan