Gifts For a Dad Who has Everything

Gifts For a Dad Who has Everything

12 June 2022 • Words by Stefano Ceppi < 1 min

I myself fit into the above category rather nicely. As I suggested for Mother’s Day, I personally value the thought behind a present much more than the present itself. If asked the question directly as to what I would like, I would almost certainly respond by saying, “Nothing.”

Gifts For a Dad Who has Everything

Hand-Made Card

Truth be told, though, as I was looking for some documents, I found a stack of cards my children made me for Father’s Day in recent years, and they did evoke a nostalgic smile. A handmade card from a child, or a drawing, would make a wonderful gift.

Family Photographs

Photographs are also great at taking a, excuse the pun, snapshot of a moment in time. So a nicely framed photo could also be a lovely present.

Explore a Hobby

Should you rather buy a present that isn’t a handmade card or a photograph, one thing I find most dads have in common is that we often have hobbies. For example, I like music, surfing, and cooking. I am sure that the dad must have a special interest. Camping trips, hiking, or fishing are all valid options.


Experiences such as cooking or brewing classes are also worth considering. I recommend you spend a few minutes thinking about which activity dad enjoys best.

Breakfast in Bed

Not only do moms enjoy being served breakfast in bed. So, on the day, get the kids involved in preparing dad’s favorite breakfast.

Small gestures matter and they tend to age far better than material items. So if you have a dad who has everything and is hard to buy a gift for – keep it simple, make it personal, and put some love into it. You are unlikely to go wrong with this strategy!

Stefano Ceppi

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