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Introducing the New Moshi Skill for Alexa

24 June 2022 • Words by Bexy 2 mins

As Moshi’s Senior Customer Experience Manager, it’s one of my top priorities to make sure our customers are heard. I am a big believer in listening and being their voice. At Moshi, we are committed to listening and responding to our customers as effectively as possible to ensure their experience is the best it can be.

During the creation of Moshi, we had an Alexa Skill that could only be used with our free tracks. Our subscribers naturally wanted more, and we wanted to give them more, too. Alexa’s purpose is to enhance the customer experience, so we prioritized figuring out how to achieve it. As with all things technology, it often isn’t as simple as it seems; for us, making sure we got Alexa right required a lot of dedication, resources, and commitment.

As a first step, we needed accounts, so we could match your subscriptions with the skill itself. This took some time, but once we figured it out, we then moved on to the skill itself. After development comes testing, tweaking, tweaking, tweaking, testing (you get where we’re going here), and, finally, submission. 

If something didn’t receive a stamp of approval at any point throughout that process, we had to go back and try again to ensure the skill would meet the high standards Amazon sets (plus, no one wants software of low quality or software that does not meet safety standards). Since we’re developing an app primarily for children, it’s imperative that it is easy to use and, more importantly, safe for them. If Alexa were to say the wrong thing, for example, it could be disastrous in addition to a serious safety concern.

Fast forward to this month, though, after many months spent testing, iterating on, and in some cases, going back to the drawing board altogether, the Alexa skill has finally been accepted! Alexa can now play your favorites, play your playlists, or simply play single tracks – all via voice command.

Want to know more about how to use the Alexa Skill? Simply click the button below to visit our Alexa FAQs.

Moshi's Head of Customer Experience & Community Operations. It's been a pleasure working for Moshi since 2011. I'm a Mom to two children, both with additional needs. I am passionate about learning more about children's struggles and hope to be able to share my experiences/learnings with others.