Maintaining a Sleep Schedule During Spring and Summer Breaks

Maintaining a Sleep Schedule During Spring and Summer Breaks

14 April 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan 2 mins

Whether you’re having a staycation, taking day trips or heading out of town on a family vacation – it’s inevitable that sleep schedules won’t always be maintained during spring and summer breaks. While we want to be flexible and have fun, it’s still important for our children to get a full night’s rest without altering their internal clock too much.

Here are some helpful tips to ensure your family maintains a sleep schedule over your spring and summer breaks:

Stay flexible and try not to over plan

We all know how difficult it is to put an overtired child to bed on a regular day. During school breaks, try not to pack too much into one day and stay flexible with what’s on the agenda. If you notice your child starting to lag, it may be time to slow down and take a rest. If children become overtired during the day, they’re more likely to wake in the night or early in the morning which can negatively affect their internal clock. This means returning to school-time schedules can be even more difficult.

Make time for daytime rest

Daytime rest is obvious for parents with babies and toddlers who need naps during the day, but be sure to carve out some quiet time for older kids and yourself, too. Having downtime during the day can balance busy schedules and give our bodies a chance to relax. Check out our 24/7 Moshi Music Livestream on YouTube for some soothing background sounds that the whole family will love!

Remember the bedtime essentials

Kids love their personal comforts. Children usually find it easier to relax and feel at home when their bedtime routine stays the same – especially when on vacation in a new place. Be sure to pack their favorite bedtime books, pajamas, blankets and snuggle buddies. And of course, continue with Moshi Stories and Meditations at bedtime.

And remember – don’t get too worried about it. It can be hard work to get back into a school bedtime routine, but ultimately your child will get there. So, give yourself a break if it doesn’t go smoothly and enjoy your family time together!

Alyssa Morgan