Moshi Bedtime Stories – Luna's Restful Rainforest

Moshi Bedtime Story – Luna’s Restful Rainforest

23 March 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan < 1 min

Moshi Stories are bedtime stories created to help settle tired minds and gently lull listeners to sleep. Set in the enchanting world of Moshi, each bedtime story is a wonderfully surreal journey into the land of nod. They feature dreamy music, tranquil narration, magical themes and subtle life lessons. 

Think of the most relaxing instrumental you can ever imagine and mix that with the soothing narration of a magical bedtime story. That’s a Moshi Story!

Snuggle down, close your eyes, cozy up and relax to our newest bedtime story called Luna’s Restful Rainforest

Take a trip to Snufflepeeps Rainforest to hear how a sloth called Luna enjoys lazing around and listening to the mesmerizing rain with her jungly Moshling friends. If you love Luna, have a listen to her other Moshi Story, Luna the Sleepy Sloth.

Moshi has even been proven to help children fall asleep 28 minutes faster and stay asleep 22 minutes longer than normal. What parent wouldn’t love an extra 28 minutes in the evening to relax and catch up on some true crime podcasts?

Want to meet and learn more about some of the Moshlings? Meet Fluttercup and SleepyPaws, today!

Alyssa Morgan