Moshi User Testimonial – Breathing Meditations and Easier Bedtimes

Moshi Breathing Meditations and Easier Bedtimes – User Testimonial

5 May 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan < 1 min

​​”We love Moshi! We started using it at the beginning of the pandemic to help my 5.5-year-old (at that time) have mindful moments and help him sleep at night. He told me he missed his breathing mediation moments at school. I didn’t even know he was doing that! So we found Moshi to help him and me during stressful times. Now at 7.5, Moshi is fully part of our bedtime routine! Thank you, Moshi for helping him through this difficult time”

Erin N, Moshi user

Did you know that just one minute of deep breathing a day can help lower levels of anxiety and stress? Moshi Breathing is a great way to help your little one start and end their days. There are over 10 different breathing videos featuring their favorite Moshi character – including SleepyPaws and Fluttercup – all just one-minute long.

For those who want to broaden their deep breathing skills and explore longer breathing techniques, Moshi Moments and Meditations are a great place to start. From blowing out birthday candles in Delightful Deep Breathing with Nancy to blowing bubbles in ShiShi’s Soothing Anxiety Shrinker, Moshi is bound to have a breathing exercise or meditation for all kids (and adults) to love!

Alyssa Morgan