Quiet Music for the Classroom

Quiet Music for the Classroom

25 March 2022 • Words by Allison Henry < 1 min

Listen. Can you hear the beautiful hum of student voices as they interact with each other? Do you hear the back and forth chatter of kids figuring out a problem or planning a project? What comes to mind when you envision a classroom of kids busy learning with their peers? 

Quiet music has long been used as a backdrop for learning in classrooms and has many positive benefits, including increased focus and regulation and decreased stress. Background music supports academic conversations by giving kids an auditory cue that sets the tone for volume. In my daughter’s second grade classroom, if they can hear the music quietly playing in the background, they know they are using the “just right” voice so that everyone in the classroom can do their best learning. The teacher models this and gives the kids a chance to practice during the first weeks of school. 

Here are some favorite Moshi Music tracks for engaged and focused learning: 

Moshi also offers a live 24/7 music stream on YouTube. This can be a perfect backdrop for any learning environment. For kids who also need a bit of a visual break from socializing, the live stream has a slowly animated video that does not overstimulate. 

Moshi for Schools is free for all educators! Subscribe today and start streaming Moshi Music into your classroom.

Allison Henry