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Preschoolers and Routines
Kindergarten Teacher
Courtney first started using Moshi at home with her three-year-old daughter to help her settle down at bedtime. She then realized Moshi would be a great asset to her, as a teacher, and to her kindergarten classroom.

Courtney began using Moshi Music during times when kids are focused on work. She also plays the first half of a Moshi Story while they are working at centers or having snacks, which helps keep them calm and piques their interest, and then plays the second half of the story at the end of the day. This gives students something to look forward to and has decreased the chaos of the end-of-the-day transition.

What are Brain Breaks for Kids?
2nd Grade Teacher
Maddy and her colleagues found Moshi while looking for SEL tools that were free, and it quickly became a favorite of teachers and students alike.

Every day after lunch and recess, Maddy’s class has quiet time. During this time students listen to Moshi to help their bodies and minds come back down from the high energy of the midday activities. While Moshi is playing, kids are able to write in their journals, color, use modeling clay, or do some other quiet sensory activity. Half of the classroom is dimly lit and half is fully lit and kids can choose where to be based on what they are doing while Moshi is playing. Maddy finds that this time helps kids focus and relax and the kids ask for it!

SEL in the Home – What Does SEL Mean for Parents? 2
School Counselor
“Moshi has helped my students reset, especially during school if something has triggered their fight/flight/flee response. I have found that Moshi Moments, through my role as a school counselor, has allowed my students to calm down their hearts, minds and bodies. It would be amazing to automatically build this program into the school day so it becomes the norm.”

Rosalie works as a guidance counselor for grades K-5 and is also a parent from Worthington, OH.

Classroom Management for Springtime
K-12 Teacher
I teach a class of six- and seven-year-olds who have completed kindergarten and are working on the skills needed for first grade.

I play Moshi Music to set the tone for the transition from home to school and the rest of the day. I equate this part of the day with a long exhale instead of a “ready, set, go” race to get started. Since our classroom is a community where kids are learning independence, responsibility, and how to manage themselves, Moshi Music helps lower the temperature of the room so that kids are calm and focused.

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Easy to implement, comprehensive, and age-appropriate SEL lessons for grades Pre-K through 5.


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Activities and conversation starters that help bridge your students' SEL and mindfulness practices from the classroom to the home.


User-friendly Moshi web player and app enabling you to stream all audio content directly into your classroom.

"Moshi has helped my students reset, especially during the school if something has triggered their fight/flight/flee response. I have found that Moshi moments have allowed my students to calm down their hearts, minds and bodies."

Improve focus in the classroom. All day, every day.

When and how is Moshi used in the classroom?

Moshi for Schools Overview 4
Moshi for Schools Overview 4
Moshi for Schools Overview

How to get started. Easily shareable summary of educator and classroom benefits.

Starting the School Day 3
Starting the School Day 3
Starting the School Day

Tips for a calm and smooth start to the school day.

Classroom Transitions & Routines 2
Classroom Transitions & Routines 2
Classroom Transitions & Routines

Inspire successful transitions by promoting student autonomy and self-control. Set students up for a successful afternoon of learning by giving them the time and space to ground and reset.

Instructional Learning Time 2
Instructional Learning Time 2
Instructional Learning Time

Help students make the connection between academic and social-emotional learning to support growth and development in both areas.

Meaningful results from Moshi educators

Moshi’s impact on academic and social-emotional learning in the classroom

Parenting Tips: Overcoming New School Jitters
95% of teachers surveyed said Moshi helps keep their classroom calm

A calm classroom allows students to practice and maintain self-regulation while getting the most out of social and academic learning

Moshi for Schools 3
93% of teachers surveyed said Moshi improves focus in their classroom

Helps students retain and apply new information, persevere through challenging projects, moments, or experiences, and enables them to use speaking and listening skills in academic and social contexts.

5 Ways Moshi Can Help You Manage Your Classroom
Engagement + participation
87% of teachers surveyed said Moshi improves engagement and participation in their classroom

By engaging and participating in all classroom activities, students can learn and practice important social-emotional and academic skills, foster their curiosity, and make sense of new information as it relates to their lives.

Schools 11
Head of Schools

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