Soothing Bedtime Stories and Relaxations for Kids

Soothing Bedtime Stories and Relaxations for Kids

19 February 2020 • Words by Alyssa Morgan 2 mins

A good night’s sleep is crucial for children’s physical and cognitive development. Getting the right amount of high-quality sleep increases energy levels, improves memory, helps with concentration, and even benefits overall physical health. Well-rested children are able to manage their emotions and stress more effectively, so the better the sleep your little ones get, the more productive and enjoyable the following day will be for both them and you!

The Moshi app aims to provide sleep help to children all around the world so they can lead happier and healthier lives. With over 200 million bedtime stories played globally, we are definitely taking a step in the right direction for kids’ sleep. Our Moshi Stories and relaxations are soothing, mindful activities for little ones to become better rested and gain the skills to live a more calm life, while also helping them to learn the basics of mindfulness.

It all started with the popular Moshi favorite Close Your Eyes SleepyPaws, but now we have hundreds of stories, meditations, sounds and music for both kids and adults to choose from, with more added every week! A little bit of magic goes a long way when it comes to improving kids’ mental fitness, so what better place to start than in the enchanting world of Moshi.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear about the wonderful benefits of adding Moshi into daily bedtime and meditation routines from Moshi moms…

“Not only does my now 7-year-old love Moshi to lull him to sleep….it also works on me. Insomnia runs in my family and my son is diagnosed with ADHD. I’m sure I have it too and between the stories, meditations and calming music that you can run in loops, it has been a lifesaver. There are new stories all the time, but we have our favorites… They are magical!” – Marlene Kusumoto Salazar 

“So, I saw Moshi advertised all over Facebook, and thought, “Hey! Let’s give it a go!” Needless to say, I am so happy I did! My little raver is a raver no more. Asleep within 5 minutes of a Moshi Story, she’s finally so calm at bedtime and so far (fingers crossed) sleeping all night! Brilliant app, easy to use, and well worth the yearly fee! ????” – Chandell Harvey

“My 4-year-old is a ball of energy. He goes non-stop all day, every day, and has always taken forever to fall asleep. I’ve tried everything – lullabies, silence, classical music… and nothing worked. I saw an ad for this and decided, “Eh, what’s it going to hurt?” It was like MAGIC! Playing Mr. Snoodle works every night. I’m so glad I found this app. Thank you for helping my little boy relax and doze off. ❤️????????” – Victoria Dart

All children need the best sleep they can get in order to be the best person they can be, and Moshi’s calming bedtime music is the perfect end to any bedtime routine. Our slow, melodic Moshi Stories will transform bedtime into something enjoyable and exciting for your kids, as well as create a structured journey to a wondrous dreamland.

Alyssa Morgan