Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

7 December 2021 • Words by Alex Amodio 2 mins

The Moshi Parade of Thanks is here and we want to celebrate with coloring pages from the series for you to enjoy! CLICK HERE to download them all! Scroll all the way down for a sneak peek at our newest Moshi Story, launching on November 24th, Parsnips the Quirky Turkey’s Conga of Thanks!

If you and your littles color in the world of Moshi, please tag us in your social media posts!

The Moshi Balloon Parade

Giant balloons of some of our most popular Moshlings float along Main Street as a huge crowd of Moshlings watch!

The Moshi Neon Parade

Moshi floats roll along Main Street showcasing scenes from some of our stories. The final float is a giant rolling stage, which leads us to…

The Moshi Extravaganza

A live variety show featuring Hoodoo drum tribes, Screech McPieHole’s Hairosniff, and unicorns who create rainbows in the moonlit sky.

Parsnips the Quirky Turkey’s Conga of Thanks

Join Parsnips the Quirky Turkey in a joyful parade through the Moshi streets singing the tales of grateful friends!

  • Alex Amodio