Easy Origami for Kids

Easy Origami for Kids

18 May 2022 • Words by Allison Henry < 1 min

Origami is not only about the beautifully intricate end result. It is a way to practice mindfulness, hand-eye coordination, and following directions. As a mindfulness tool, origami gives us a chance to slow down and focus on small movements, using the brain in a different way than we typically do during our busy days. For kids and adults, origami can be a relaxing way to connect to each other and to the arts.

In our new Moshi Story General Fuzuki’s Magical Moshigami Army, General Fuzuki relaxes by making Moshigami of his friends (fairies, unicorns, butterflies and more!) from the world of Moshi. Your kids’ thoughts will be filled with soothing sounds and origami whimsy as they listen to the story:

Listen . . . Can you hear that? It’s the sound of paper being folded in a very special way. The
paper is being folded to create wonderful little sculptures . . . and the Moshling doing the
folding is General Fuzuki, a very wise Warrior Wombat who finds the art of folding paper, or
Moshigami, incredibly relaxing . . .

Try origami with your kids to create their favorite Moshlings. Below are links to some kid-friendly tutorials and the Moshi tracks they connect with. Listen to these short Moshi Moments and extend the learning by creating the characters as origami. Invite kids to then act out what they learned using their origami characters.

4 Easy Origami Activities for Kids

Rise and Shine with Chirpybird 

Understanding Jealousy with Fifidog

Deep Breathing with Nodkinsrabbit 

Gratitude with Blossomflower

Allison Henry